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Seven Top Ways to Promote Your eZINE

Judy Cullins, Guest Author

Your eZINE builds customer confidence and trust when you give free tips, articles, and resources. Clients and customers buy only when they trust you. Expand your e-mail subscriber list seven ways for eventual big sales.

1.  Network offline. Visit professional like-minded groups. These groups usually meet once a month, have speakers, and networking time for you to mix with other professionals. You will get valuable information at these meetings for low cost, yearly memberships run around $25-$50 giving you free meeting attendance. Each meeting is around two hours including networking time and speaker. Usually at each meeting you are given a 30-second time to introduce yourself.

2.  Speak to groups about your expertise. You may be a guest speaker for a large association or group, or you may form your own seminars and workshops, where people come to hear your expertise. During each meeting, pass the clipboard that asks your audience for their e-mail addresses. In return, you will send them pertinent information. Be sure to put your Web URL in plain sight. You want these people to visit your Web site, first to see your expertise, then perhaps to buy products.

You can give a "teleclass" too in the comfort of your office or home. When you introduce yourself offer a benefit of your free eZINE along with a free bonus special report.

3.  Promote your eZINE on your Web site. Visit many sites and take from them what will make your pages zing.

Don't use the pabulum approach such as "Subscribe to my free eZINE." Is this enough to make you buy? Give a reason for your visitor to buy.

Use the passion approach. For my new Web site, I submitted this blurb to my Webmaster: Finish, publish, and sell your book-fast! Receive free articles, tips and resources in the FREE monthly eZINE "The Book Coach Says. . ."

Nearby in a box, I put up a strong testimonial from someone highly respected in the business. Dan Poynter, self-publishing guru said, "Chock full of tips, how-to's, and resources, definitely worth your time." (

Near the end of the page, I also included a note: Subscribe to "The Book Coach Says..." and receive 2 free bonus reports. People want free information. When you give it to them, they will come back for more, and eventually buy.

Placement is also important. For the best response and more subscribers, place your subscribe box on the top half of your homepage. Remember the old adage; "Make it easy for your customer to buy."

4.  Promote your eZINE through your signature box at the end of every e-mail. Create a promotional signature in four to six lines, and add it to the end of each e-mail you send out. Here, you would list your book title, benefits of your service, your FREE eZINE title with a way to subscribe and receive 2 special reports by auto responder. Include your e-mail, Web site address, and local phone number for people out of the U.S.

5.  Promote your eZINE through free articles in opt-in eZINEs. Once you subscribe to these eZINEs, you can submit one or two articles from 500-1200 words every week. In each eZINE, thousands of other subscribers will read and think about your article.

When I submit 2 articles a week, I get 20-25 new subscriptions each day. Because my signature box is strong, I get many new visitors to my site. These turn into sales eventually, once trust is established. I am the Online expert in book writing, publishing, and promoting books and Web sites. Subscribers now number over 2,500.

Promote your eZINE in newsgroups, discussion lists and forums. Target those related to your business or book category. For instance, Sandra Schrift of Speakers University aims her newsletter primarily at emerging and professional speakers. Her secondary audience is coaches. Anne Wayman, San Diego Web designer and editor, and author of "Powerfully Recovered," belongs to several related newsgroups.

6.  Offer your subscribers a free GIFT SUBSCRIPTION to send to their friends. You can use another autoresponder to send the gift, plus whom it's from, and a little blurb about what they will be receiving. Always include a way for subscribers to unsubscribe.

7.  Send out press releases via e-mail about your eZINE. Press releases by e-mail are different from print ones. They must be short! They must be newsworthy! Don't pitch your book, offer some skills and how-to's. Skills Unlimited Publishing sends out over 150 different print releases a year, along with other effective Online promotion.

Media editors will respond to your compelling headline such as "7 Ways to Sell More Books Than you Ever Dreamed of" that brought first a feature in a major newspaper in San Diego. The results? Over 90 people came to a local seminar by the same name. Four new book coaching clients signed up. Twenty came to ongoing weekly seminars, and twenty more to a teleclass. Book sales amounted to over $400.

Send a list of tips and how-to's to editors. These may prompt a call to do a feature story on you.

Build your business and sell more products through an eZINE. When subscribers experience many eZINEs, they will be more likely to buy from you.

TIP from Larry James: Here are several links to serve as examples of how I promote my FREE "LoveNotes for Lovers" eZINE, including a daily countdown until the next issue. I also list an online "example" of the html version of the eZINE.


Copyright © - Judy Cullins. - Reprinted with permission. Judy is an author, publisher, and book coach. She helps writers manifest their book dreams. 24 clients published since 1999! "Write Your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast!" - Send an e-mail to The Book Coach Says... For 2 free eReports

  If you would like to talk one-on-one with Larry James about issues related to this article, you are invited to arrange for a private coaching session by telephone. Go to Author & Speaker Coaching for specific details and fees.

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