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Writing in Flow: Keys to Enhanced Creativity Writing in Flow: Keys to Enhanced Creativity - Susan K. Perry - A writer's being in "flow" is comparable to an athlete's being in a "zone." "You know you've been in flow," Perry says, "when time seems to have disappeared. You become so deeply immersed... that you forget yourself and your surroundings." For this book, Perry interviewed 76 authors about their experiences with flow.

Larry's Review: Excellent reading. I learned a lot from this book.

No More Rejections. Get Published Today! - Penny C. Sansevieri - Go from manuscript to finished book in less than sixty days with this outstanding guide for authors. Tired of all those rejection letters? Find out how millions of authors are erasing old barriers and taking control of their writing future. Get Published Today! explores a new trend that's taking the publishing world by storm. Even if you've never marketed anything before, you can become a book marketing genius as we share our most valuable contacts, industry secrets, and tried and true techniques for marketing your book.

Larry's Review: Excellent reading. Wish I had read this book before I wrote my first one. If would have saved me a lot of time and energy.
No More Rejections

Beyond the Bookstore Beyond the Bookstore: How to Sell More Books Profitably to Non-Bookstore Markets - Brian Jud - If you can get your book into traditional bookstores, great. But don't overlook the many other lucrative markets. Brian's book does an excellent job of describing these markets. Brian also explains exactly how to break into special markets and provides detailed, useful contact information.

Larry's Review: Coming Soon!

The Presenter's Guide to Being Prepared - David W. Richardson, CSP - Business professionals are frequently faced with the daunting challenge of making a presentation or giving a speech. In some cases your career may hang on your ability to express your ideas coherently, confidently, and with style. Whether you're a CEO, company president, engineer, project manager, pastor, sales manager, or politician - or simply aspire to be successful - this book takes the guesswork out of communicating brilliantly to the world.

Larry's Review: Speakers are often concerned about unexpected surprises. "What ifs" are covered from A to Z! David's presentation tips will help the experienced professional speaker or the beginner. Highly recommended.

The Presenter's Guide to Being Prepared
Trash Proof News Releases Trash Proof News Releases - Paul J. Krupin - This book includes, getting publicity, ten tips to using e-mail to get news coverage, getting your books reviewed, getting publicity for web sites, improved news release response with tip sheet offers, getting on radio talk shows, finding a good publicist, fax vs. e-mail news releases, news release contact protocols, query letters, following up with media, and much, much more.

Larry's Review: Coming Soon!

Putting It On Paper: The Ground Rules for Creating Promotional Pieces That Sell Books - Dawn Josephson - Whether you're a newly published author or a multi-volume "old pro," how you promote your book will make the difference between success and failure. This book breaks down the often elusive task of preparing a book press kit into strategies you can understand and practical steps you can take; it cuts through all the hype and presents promotional piece creation and writing in real-world terms for real-world people.

Larry's Review: Every author should read this book! It's full of excellent examples for all kinds of relevant book promotion. Dawn's book will answer most of your questions about what to say, how to say it and who you should say it to.

Putting It On Paper
The Writing World: Living the Literary Life The Writing World: Living the Literary Life - Delma Luben - This book culminates Delma's many years as writers' advocate. Based on her articles, columns, classes and seminar presentations, this book is chock full of practical tips and useful information for attaining success in the writing business. Every diverse chapter is of vital interest to the writer. And the tie-ins with everyday living, plus some provocative poetry make it a book to treasure. This one you will want to keep. The friends and family of every writer should read this book.

Larry's Review: Creative thoughts about the business of writing. If you have a book inside you and have yet to begin to write, you must make this one one of the first you read. Lots of great stuff in this handy guide!

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