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Top 10 Tips on How to Write a Book Fast

Marsha Friedman, Guest Author

Whether you are writing a print book or eBook, you may not realize some short cuts that can take your idea to the page and to your audience in less than a month.

1. Write a short book. It can be a print, eBook or both! Your audience wants concise information to solve their problems. Gone are the days of the 260- page book to show you as the expert. Think 50-100 pages. Your specific audience is busy like you and wants tips and how to's that help them overcome their problem or challenge. They don't need long stories or analogies.

2. Write a non-fiction, how to book first. Your audience is out there online ready, hungry for your unique information. Put your fiction book aside until you get your bigger sales from your book aimed at future clients. Then, you can finance your fiction book with far less readers.

3. Know your preferred audience before you write your book. You'll sell far more and get your business bigger visibility. When you write a general book for a general audience, how do you satisfy every audience out there? These books are far harder to market too. Unless you get a deal from Walmart or Costco, you may just end up with a garage full of books.

4. Increase your business credibility with a book. No other product sets you up as the savvy expert as a book will. Many authors make the mistake of creating a deck of cards, or a CD before the book. A short how to book for your preferred audience( future clients and customers) will bring you big visibility and a reputation of a savvy expert in your field.

5. Write your book for your audience, not yourself. Get your ego out of the way. Stop telling and start engaging! Many clients come to me after they published and realize that each chapter format must include a hook and the introduction with benefits, the middle with a lot of headings to help the reader, and a conclusion that motivates the reader to go happily to the next chapter.

6. Write a short title that sizzles. Put your book's promise in the subtitle. Think benefits! Remember you have just 5-10 seconds to impress. Your title and cover are the number 1 selling point of your book. With an engaging one, you'll sell 15% more books than with a lackluster title.

7. Know your audience's challenges. Then, write the book to solve them. Before you even think of writing a chapter, write your Dear Audience letter and say in your own words why you are writing this bookits benefits and how it will change your audience's life to the better. When you know your audience before you write, you will write more compelling, concise copy that engages on every page, because it's written for only that audience. Post a picture of your audience near your workstation while you write the book to keep it real.

8. Know that word-of-mouth book marketing works only if your readers finish each chapter. Motivate them to finish! When your reader reads all of your chapters, she is more likely to recommend your book. You don't want to pass up your 24/7 sales team ready to do your word-of-mouth advertising.

9. Cut the fluff from your writing. One common mistake is to use too many passive verb constructions. Dump most of your "there is," "she is," and "he is." Sentence starters. Instead start with your subject, then follow with an active verb. While we talk this way, it mars liveliness. Write compelling copy with clarity and compassion. Connecting with your preferred audience personally makes them want to be in your fan club forever. Your readers will follow you and buy!

10. Make your book a top priority if you want it to succeed. Too many potential great authors let "life" get in the way. If you don't focus on what you want, you surely won't get it. Let go of distractions and resistances. What you resist, persists!


Copyright © - Marsha Friedman. - Reprinted with permission. Marsha Friedman is the president of Event Management Services Inc., a company that has been used for more than 14 years as a source for guests, topics and experts on talk radio programs across the country. It regularly schedules up to 80 interviews per week. For more information: 727-443-7115 x 201 or Visit Marsha's Website at:

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