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A Powerful Presentation Deserves
A Powerful Introduction

Michael Hart, Guest Author

Whether you are speaking to inspire, educate, or motivate, you have one primary goal, to convince your listeners to agree with your point of view.

The most effective way to accomplish this goal is to open your presentation with a strong compelling opening statement. However before you begin, you must establish your credibility, that is, to tell your listeners who you are and what you, an authority on the subject, plan to discuss. In other words, what gives you the right to be speaking on this particular subject in the first place?

Your introduction should be the first step in creating this needed credibility. Unfortunately many presenters have no idea how to create a compelling, emotionally charged introduction or why they should introduce themselves at all.

Keep it to one or two paragraphs. For example, let's assume you are about to address city leaders on the virtues of your firm's new cast iron pipe product line. Perhaps you have vast experience working with or for municipalities. In your career you have seen the pit falls associated with making a major purchase with taxpayers money. Be sure to make this information available to your audience before you start talking about your firm, its product merits or any potential solutions.

The members of every group you address have some issue, dilemma, or concern they must handle. Before you can attempt to help them solve their problems, they need to know you understand their situation.

Thus your introduction should include more than your name and who or what you represent. It should convince your listeners that you understand what they are going through, and that you understand their needs.

You will be amazed how much more they will understand and agree with your presentation, which should be structured to back up the ideas you expressed in your compelling opening statement. No amount of whizbang technology and PowerPoint slide shows can make up for what you fail to declare in your introduction. Take the time to craft one worthy of your expertise and the presentation you are about to make.

Read: Introductions: Their Care & Feeding.


Copyright © - Michael Hart. - Reprinted with permission. Michael P. Hart & Company helps professional sales people, entrepreneurs and small business owners in prospecting, selling and publicity strategies. Learn how to get priceless exposure for your firm or cause by getting free media exposure. Promote your ideas and sell your products through public speaking. Advanced networking techniques, and powerful sales closing skills. -

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