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eBook Publishing Checklist

Laura Orsini, Guest Author

Adaped from Laura's "eBook Basics Workshop."

"My time with Laura Orsini was a Godsend! Her eBook Basics Workshop was a terrific learning experience. The content was relevant, informative, presented in non-techie terms and more than met my expectations. The handout was a treasure trove of ideas and handy reminders. Highly recommended."

Larry James, Professional Speaker, Author, Author/Speaker Coach

Check box Determine the area in which you are an EXPERT.

Check box Come up with a great idea for a book.

Check box Determine your niche or specialty market.

Check box Find a problem faced by your niche market that you can solve with your eBook.

Check box Ask your niche market what, specifically, they'd like to know about solving that problem.

Check box Visit association meetings, specialty shops, online forums and/or chat rooms to ask experts on your subject to identify for you the 5 questions they are most frequently asked.

Check box Research what other books/eBooks are out there on your subject.

Check box Determine the angle which will make your eBook different from all the others.

Check box Create a chapter/section/content list.

Check box Write the book.

Check box Edit the book. Make sure to SpellCheck.

Check box Double-check the spellings of all proper nouns.

Check box Double-check the spellings/existence of all URLs you have referenced in your eBook.

Check box Double-check any phone numbers you may have included in your eBook.

Check box If appropriate, create an index for your eBook.

Check box Once the book is as perfect as YOU can make it, go back and tighten it up by cutting about 25% of the content.

Check box Spend the money to have your manuscript professionally edited.

Check box Come up with a working title.

Check box Come up with a catchy, interesting subtitle.

Check box Come up with an idea for a cover design.

Check box If youre not an artist, spend the money to have a professional design a cover for you.

Check box Decide on a URL for your Web site.

Check box Research to see if that URL already exists.

Check box Purchase your URL as soon as you find one that works for you and is available.

Check box Hire a Web designer or design your own site.

Check box Remember: Your Web site doesn't have to be fancy or hi-tech as much as it needs to be eye-catching and easy to navigate.

Check box To the best of your ability, determine how your target audience will read your eBook.

Check box Let the way your target audience will read your eBook determine which format(s) you will use for your eBook.

Check box Purchase, borrow, or rent the necessary conversion software.

Check box Convert your manuscript into eBook format (Editor note: PDF format seems to be the most popular).

Check box Don't get discouraged if this takes you a half-dozen or more times to perfect it.

Check box Check to make sure you haven't overused HTML links to the point that theyre more distracting than helpful.

Check box Determine whether and how you will protect your eBook from unlawful distribution.

Check box If you decide to protect your eBook, set necessary codes in place, or Java encrypt it.

Check box Secure an ISBN number (International Standard Book Number) for your eBook.

Check box Enter your eBook in the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) System.

Check box Copyright your eBook.

Check box Put a publication date on your eBook.

Check box Make a list of the people (friends, family, clients, experts in your field) you would like to have read the book and offer their feedback.

Check box Send out advance copies to the people on your list.

Check box If you asked for constructive feedback, accept it graciously.

Check box Trust your instincts. If someone makes a suggestion you're simply not comfortable with, ignore it! This is your book!

Check box Determine whether you will pursue a contract with an eBook publisher or self-publish.

Check box Research e-publishers and submit query letters.

Check box Determine whether you will hire an eBook publishing service.

Check box Research eBook publishing services and submit query letters.

Check box Decide how much you want to charge for your eBook.

Check box Figure out what kinds of things you can include as bonuses for people who buy your eBook.

Check box Gather testimonials from experts in your field who have reviewed your eBook.

Check box Write an irresistible, catchy sales letter for your Website that explains all the features and benefits of your product.

Check box Remember to use the words "so that" when explaining your features and benefits. My cookbook provides quick, easy recipes so that you can get out of the kitchen to sit down with your family in mere minutes.

Check box Set up your Website with e-commerce capability (a shopping cart).

Check box LAUNCH your Web site.

Check box Take full advantage of all search engine optimization (Editor note: keywords are a part of optimization) tools at your disposal. This is the thing that will DRIVE traffic to your Web site. Without it, you may as well not have a Web site.

Check box Create affiliate programs for your Web sales. These are reciprocal arrangements whereby you sell others products from your Web site, and they sell your products from theirs.

Check box Create a business plan for marketing to your niche audience.

Check box Send media releases about your eBook to the appropriate media outlets related to your field.

Check box Cross-market (promote) your eBook where appropriate. Market a book about golf courses around the world to golfers and to world travelers.

Check box Get yourself positioned to appear as a guest author in online chats and forums dedicated to your field or industry.

Check box Use the power of e-mail! Send out e-mail announcements about your eBook.

Check box Add a signature about your eBook to the bottom of all your e-mails.

Check box Promote your eBook in an e-mail newsletter.

Check box Spend time in online communities and groups where your target audience spends time.

Check box Create a blog dedicated to your eBook subject.

Check box (Editors note: Appear as a guest on radio talk shows).

Check box Submit your book to eBook reviewers.

Check box Enter your eBook in contests.

Check box Submit your eBook to eBook clubs for publication/sale.

Check box Find and participate in book fairs as an eBook author.

Check box Write another eBook!


Copyright © - Laura Orsini. - Reprinted with permission. Adaped from Laura's "eBook Basics Workshop." Laura is a professional writer and speaker, with a BA in nonfiction writing from the University of Arizona. She is the author of the exceptional workbook, 1,001 Real-Life Questions for Women (offered as an eBook on her Web site, She is an accomplished and effective public speaker, with interest and expertise in the areas of eBooks, creativity, brainstorming, visualization, business writing, handwriting analysis, and open adoption. Laura's e-mail:


  If you would like to talk one-on-one with Larry James about issues related to this article, you are invited to arrange for a private coaching session by telephone. Go to Author & Speaker Coaching for specific details and fees.

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