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Web Page Marketing Tips & Services
. . . Some FREE, Some Costs $$s!

A Wealth of Wisdom 4 Webmaster Wannabes

"Your website is Epic!!! For some reason last night my fingers did some walking onto your site. I spent over four hours yesterday, and another couple of hours today reading your inspirational messages. This was time well worth spent, as I learned a lot from you. Thank you for sharing with me. I truly appreciated your wisdom, knowledge, and your ability to share with all, especially with fellow writers and lecturers like myself."

Paul Mauchline -

If you are doing your own website, there is no need to pay for marketing services that YOU or your webmaster can easily do. I do it myself. There are numerous tutorials on the Internet to walk you though the correct procedures.

NOTE:  Come back often! New stuff is being added several days each week!

You don't need a high-cost search engine consultant to analyze your new tags to ensure they are optimized for the search engines. Go to Meta Tag Analyzer.

Check out what your competition is doing. If you are wondering about your keyword placement in comparison to your competitors, use Keyword Count. It allows you to analyze the keyword frequencies of the top words on any URL -- yours, or more importantly, your competitors'.

Dead links a problem? If you frequently change file names or add new ones, no matter how careful you are, you may end up with dead links. You can check your links, HTML, page load time (very important) and even spelling for free at

If you would like a report of your site's accessibility to people with disabilities, check out a free service called Bobby.

Frustrated PC Owner

Building your own website? Wanna be a "webmaster," eh? Here are several sites that can help:

Master the Web - A premium resource for anyone looking to build a top-tier website. Articles cover everything from site design to promotion and marketing. Also an incredible array of resource links.

The Elated Web - This site offers a variety of "kits" to help build or improve your site. Lots of web design tips. Pointers for both PC and Mac users. - One glance at the number of free resources on this site - more than 2,200 on our last visit - and you'll know this page is all about bulk. - Lots of in-depth articles on Web site design, Web hosting and internet marketing by Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW), Herman Drost.

Not all free services are worth it. Be leary of any free service that offers to submit your website pages to the main search engines. Not all search engines accept submissions this way. TIP: Always use the specific instructions given in each search engine's "Add URL" section.

Check out Search Engine Watch for search engine submission tips, engine listings and searching tips. Click here for tips for searching You will also find a list of the best search engines and links to their submit pages.

Choose "Fetch" if you are a MAC user: If you do your own website, may I recommend a super-fine ftp program. It's not free, however it worth the $25 for the shareware. It's called, "Fetch." And it does. It has been named the "Best Macintosh Program" for 2001 by For more info go to:

Protect your e-mail address on your Website - Click here. This page will generate an HTML encoded "mailto" link that is reasonably "spambot" proof. Spambots crawl over Websites looking for e-mail addresses, when they find one they add it to their database for junk email.

Google YOUR Website! - This "Hot Idea" will increase the odds of having (the Internet's top rated search engine) add your Website to their search engine when you add "Google Free Search" to your home page. Click here for complete details for you and your Webmaster.

Who is linking to your web site? Link relevance is becoming a major factor in getting good search engine placement. The theory is that if you have more web sites linking to your content than your competition, it must be more relevant.

You can actually use several search engines to give you a nice report of who is linking to you and more importantly exactly how they are linking to you. You can see the exact page on a site that is linked to your site and how they are representing you. Here's how:

  • Google and AltaVista:  Type "link:"  NOTE: There is a space between "link:" and "www."
  • AOL, HotBot, and MSN:  Type ""  NOTE: There is NO space between "linkdomain:" and "www."
  • AllTheWeb:  Type ""  NOTE: There is NO space between "link.all:" and "www." - A free service that checks your site's link popularity on Google, AltaVista and HotBot.

  It is also very smart to link to other similar sites and to know which sites are linked to you. I regularly do a search for sites that link to my website and when I find a site that I didn't know was linked to me, I do three things:

  • Go to their website.
  • Find the owner's contact info and send a brief e-mail "thank-you" message. I include a link to my "Links Trade Plan" page where several examples of text and banner links are available.
  • I then add them to my list of sites linked to me. This helps me know who to contact if a link changes or is dropped from my site. Dead links (link rot) on other sites are as bad as having dead links on your own website. - Do you believe the saying "Nothing is Free?" Well think again. This page gives you access to lots of free stuff - that is, free search engine marketing tools and software downloads to help you in your quest for higher search engine rankings. - Search Engine Colossus offers you links to search engines from 195 countries and 38 territories around the world! Conduct extensive web searches.

Often the above free services are the same ones used by the consultant who charges high fees. The great thing about them is that they are quick and easy. No waiting, no fees, no hidden costs, no tricks. Most only require your e-mail address.

Articles by Internet Expert Philippa Gamse - My good friend, Philippa Gamse helps her clients develop e-business and marketing strategies to gain maximum competitive advantage. Check out her "Beyond the Search Engines: 17 FREE Ideas That Work!" article. Click here. Philippa can be reached on (831) 465-0317, or at Philippa's Internet articles are featured in "Larry's Technology Center." Click here for a complete list.

One more highly recommended Internet professional is Tom Antion. Subscribe to Tom's "Great Speaking" eZINE, the electronic magazine for presentations skills, tips, public speaking, speaking for money, speaking business referrals, speaker marketing, speaker humor, training, and other speaking related features by clicking here. Lot of FREE stuff (and some costs $$) on our link to Tom's website.

If you plan to publish your own eZINE, be sure to go to As a resource for marketers, this site provides list management tips, distribution guides and writing advice to assist in eZINE and newsletter publishing.

Are you noticing more "bounced" undeliverable e-mail in your inbox? See if an e-mail address is valid instantly, plus other important Internet contact info. Click here.

Are you a "techno nerd?" Don't know the meanings of the latest Internet terms? What's an IP, ASP, CAT5, RAM, etc.? Definitions for thousands of the most current IT-related words (Internet Technology) can be found at in the following categories: software, hardware, computing fundamentals, Internet, PCs, networking and telecom.

Need a bar code for your ebook or print-on-demand book? You can find a FREE online barcode producer at This could save you another $10 to $30 per published title and there is no waiting. Some book cover producers will include the bar code in the cover price. This is especially good if you are publishing an ebook.

Wanna find out how many other sites are linked to your site? Go to and type in your website. It will give you their best estimate. Even though has only been online since 4/15/04, the image at the right tells its www ranking, other sites linked to it, etc. It will be interesting to see how fast it climbs in the rankings. You are invited to write a review of this site by clicking on the "more info" button. I have kept track of my "link trades" on one of my other sites,, and know that there are at least 3,248 sites that link to it according to a report. This is important if you want a higher listing on the search engines. You are also invited to place a link on your site to this one by clicking here for details. Click here to see the latest stats on
NOTE:  Through our partnership with, we are offering an exclusive version of the award winning Alexa Toolbar. The toolbar is loaded with useful information about every site on the web, like customer reviews, traffic rankings and web site contact information. It's a great way to surf the web because it constantly provides you with Related Links. Plus, when you download and use the toolbar, you'll help support *System Requirements: Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer. Click here for details!

Unfamiliar with the jargon of the Internet? All your tekkie terms are defined in this Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing. Click here.

What is Your Website's PageRank (PR) on Google? - PageRank™ defined, how incoming links to your site helps, plus 2 FREE PageRank™ Tools to find out your Website PageRank™ (or a specific page on your Website, [eg., - articles.htm identifies a specific page]) on Google and more.

Wanna know more about html? This html helper is great for those constructing a Web page for the very first time. A good starting point is the tutorial.

Webmaster Tools - Free of charge resources of available webmaster tools and accessible online tests on the Internet. Click here.

Resist the urge to fall for New.Net's domain registration scheme. I hate to admit it, but I got suckered in. looks nice and "is" registered, however there is very little chance that anyone will ever find it. Click here to find out why!

Be sure to read "Top 21 Web Site Mistakes" by Corie J. Conwell. A great checklist to use to made needed adjustments to your own website.

Larry's Search Engine Submitter

Once submitted, wait patiently to see the status of your submission. - Powered by - Bravenet is the Web's #1 Site for FREE Web tools. They take pride in offering the fastest, most customizable and user friendly tools for your Website. See "Larry's Search Engine Submitter" above!

Website Translation Tip! - By using this Google tool, it will automatically translate most of the page content (with the exception of banners, any frames, etc.). Note you can use this tool to view ANY URL you'd like to see with various translation options available to you. Try it... it's really cool! For detailed how-to instructions, an example of how I configure the translation box, plus a free sample of html code for your Webmaster, click here.

Did You Know? 9 out of 10 Computers are Infected with Spyware? - It's true; almost every Website you visit will use some sort of means to identify or even track your computer. Here's the alarming thing: while 90% of computers contain spyware, 80% are completely oblivious to the intrusion! Anytime you use freeware, shareware, web pages, media players, and file sharing on the Internet, you can be infected by Spyware. These items can contain code or components (Spyware) that allow individuals to collect and disseminate information about you. By using Spyware they can track your surfing habits, hijack your browser start page or pages, alter important system files, all without your knowledge or permission.

More Spyware Info - If you don't have a program to remove Spyware let me recommend you try both of these two freeware programs.

Suggestion: Download both Spybot and Ad-Aware. It's been my experience that one will catch some and the other will catch the rest. I suggest that you use Spybot first, then DELETE (not quarantine) everything found. The reason for this is that Ad-Aware may get confused with items quarantined by Spybot because they are still in your computer, if you do not delete them. Then run Ad-Aware and DELETE all items found. If you use the Internet a lot, I recommend you run both programs back-to-back at least once a week.

Visit the Data Doctors web site for more free utilities to check your system for spyware. Go to: A good database of known Spyware is at Another useful database is at Check out these sites before downloading a program that seems appealing.

Get Even With the Spammers! - If you really want to goof up the Spammers who attempt to collect e-mail addresses from your Website, add the HTML code in the box below somewhere on your home page. Click here for info about how it works.

Copy and paste the HTML code above and add to your home page html code. It will look like this:  Fight Spam! Click Here!

Larry's "Hoax Finder!" - Can you say, "The bunk stops here?" When receiving an e-mail virus warning (chain letters & any forwarded e-mail, too), please check it out first to see if it's a hoax. It can be quite embarrassing when you forward an e-mail to all of your friends, then they find out it's a hoax. When in doubt. . . check it out! Check out our list of Websites where you can verify virus warnings and chain letters (or any other e-mails you may have doubts about) to be sure they are genuine alerts or if they are true "before" you forward them to your friends. Go to:  Larry's "Hoax Finder!"

What People Hate Most About Your Web Site - Studies of how people react to online advertisements have identified several design techniques that impact the user experience very negatively.

Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005 - Jakob Nielson talks about the year's list of worst design mistakes; Website usability problems uses found the most irritating. Lot of other great articles on this site.

Have fun. Save $$$'s. Do your own stuff.



  It's wise to see where your website or your name is listed in the search engines from time-to-time. Be sure that you list your site with search engines no less than every several months, especially if you are constantly adding new stuff. Use the Vivisimo search form below to find yourself or your site on the Internet.

Select a source (or not), enter search terms & see your results organized! Powered by - One of Larry's favorites!  (EXAMPLE: I have typed in "Larry James." Click on "Search" but do not check a source, then look at the catagories on the left. Click the catagory about relationships and it will automatically organize the results about relationships.) You can also type in anything you want; your name, another website, etc., and do a search.  Try it!

Yahoo AltaVista MSN Fast HotBot

To bring yourself up-to-speed on search engines, etc., read: Search Tips.

You are welcome to use my Links Trade Plan as a model for putting up your own links plan on your website.

This one is NOT a freebee, but a valuable service and worthy of mention. I use it on and and it's terrific. It is especially great if you are doing your own website. has in excess of 720 pages with more than 35,900 links (both internal and external). Making sure there is no "link rot" (dead links) used to be a chore. No more. I use They send me a weekly report that tells me everything I need to know to fix any links that might have gone south. - Larry James

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